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The UW IoT Systems Research Center’s Industry Work Groups bring together leading companies for ongoing collaborative learning, shared investigation and experimentation, and knowledge-sharing. Our Industry Work Groups provide a trusted forum to tap into the group’s collective wisdom and experiences. By getting involved in the UW IoT Systems Research Center’s Industry Work Group activities, you can:

  • Learn from subject-matter experts and thought leaders at UW IoT Systems Research Center learning events.
  • Gain insights from research activities, experiments and proof-of-concept demonstrations.
  • Interact with leading companies to share best practices and lessons learned.
  • Accelerate professional development, knowledge advancement and innovation.
  • Leverage UW faculty expertise and student talent.

We engage in Work Group projects focused on precompetitive research and in-depth learning using real-world testbeds. Work Group projects provide many benefits to members. You can:

  • Collaboratively investigate issues of common interest.
  • Leverage and synthesize the collective knowledge of UW IoT Systems Research Center members.
  • Explore and experiment with cutting-edge technologies in the technology "sandbox."
  • Cocreate and demonstrate emerging ideas and proofs-of-concept.
  • Access findings and lessons learned that are only available to UW IoT Systems Research Center members.

So far, we have established three Work Groups:

  • Our Industrial IoT Work Group is focused on the use-case of Predictive Diagnostics of Industrial/Commercial Equipment. The project involves developing superior data modeling and analytics methods for industrial/commercial equipment condition monitoring, diagnostics and predictive maintenance.
  • Our Consumer IoT Work Group is working on a project centered on the Smart and Connected Home. The field study includes 30 home owners who have recently installed a variety of smart home devices.
  • Our IoT Security Work Group, the newest Work Group, is just beginning. The project includes interviews of subject-matter experts at leading companies to find the common themes and solutions that companies can use as guidance for developing secure IoT-enabled products and services.

In both of these projects, we are engaging in a substantial study based on real-world testing to gain valuable insights from the perspectives of IoT infrastructure, IoT analytics and customer value.

To learn more about the ongoing Work Group projects, please contact Dr. Raj Veeramani.

Companies can also sponsor company-specific, proprietary research projects to leverage the intellectual capital of our team of faculty members and researchers. Find out more on the Research Collaboration page.

What students and
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The UW IoT Systems Research Center has provided students with a technology sandbox to learn, explore and innovate. Learn more about the student and industry experience with the UW IoT Center in this video.

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