The University of Wisconsin Madison Internet of Things (IoT) Systems Research Center is a hub for university-industry collaboration, focused on learning, research and hands-on investigation to foster deeper understanding, accelerated innovation and development, and successful deployment and adoption of IoT technologies and applications.

We have multidisciplinary teams of faculty and students from engineering, business, computer science, retail, and other disciplines working on projects allowing for a unique opportunity to explore, extend, and innovate with emerging technologies. 

Leadership Team
Dr. Raj Veeramani Alfonso Gutierrez

Raj Veeramani, PhD

UW IoT Systems Research Center Executive Director; Professor, College of Engineering and School of Business

Alfonso Gutierrez, MS

UW IoT Systems Research Center Research Director


Aditya Akella

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Associate Professor, Computer Sciences

Expertise and Interests: Computer networking and networked systems.

Awards:SIGCOMM Rising Star Award, NSF Future Internet Architecture Award, NetApp Faculty Fellowship, NSF CAREER Award.

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Suman Banerjee

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Professor, Computer Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Expertise and Interests: Networking and distributed systems with a primary focus on wireless networking and mobile computing spanning a diverse set of activities, ranging from algorithmic design and analysis, and systems building through functional prototypes.

Awards: ACM SIGMOBILE RockStar Award, ACM MobiCom Best Paper Award, NSF CAREER Award, UW-Madison Vilas Associates Competiton Winner, Wisconsin Governor's Business Plan Competition – First prize.

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Kathleen Bartzen Culver

Kathleen Bartzen Culver Read more
Assistant Professor, Journalism and Mass Communication; Associate Director, Center for Journalism Ethics

Expertise and Interests: Multimedia writing and production, access to information, ethical and legal implications of digital media and evolving professional practices.

Awards: Madison Teaching and Learning Excellence Program Faculty Fellow, Scripps Foundaton Journalism Educator the Year Award National Finalist, Impact Award, Alliant Energy Underkofler Award for Excellence in Teaching, State of Wisconsin Secretary of Administration Award, Engage Adaption Award.

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John Lee

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Emerson Electric Quality & Productivity Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineer

Expertise and Interests: Human technology interaction, particularly in the context of driver distraction, automation and inciting healthy behavior.

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Kaibo Liu

Kaibo Liu Read more
Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering,
Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Expertise and Interests: System informatics and data analytics for quality improvement; data fusion for process modeling, monitoring, diagnosis and prognostics; statistical learning and data mining; and statistical process control.

Industry Applications: Oil/pipeline quality control research.

Awards: Pritsker Doctoral Dissertation Award – second place, ASQ Richard A. Freund International Scholarship, IIE Gilbreth Memorial Fellowship.

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Nancy Murray

Nancy Murray Read more
Academic Director, Kohl's Center for Retailing Excellence;
Teaching Professor of Retail

Expertise and Interests: Engaging students in experiential learning activities.

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Kevin Ponto

Kevin Ponto Read more
Assistant Professor, Design Studies, Living Environments Laboratory

Expertise and Interests: Virtual reality, wearable computing and technology, augmented reality, computer graphics and visualization.

Industry Applications: Augmented reality.

Awards: 2014 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality Best Poster Honorable Mention, 2013 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality Best Paper Nominee, WARF Discovery Challenge winner, Prix Ars Electroncica Honorary Mention in the Category of Hybrid Art, Adobe Emerging Artist Award.

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Peter Qian

Peter Qian Read more
Professor, Statistics, Industrial Engineering

Expertise and Interests: Design of experiments, such as A/B tests for Internet and marketing; big data analytics; and large n problems and uncertainty quantification.

Industry Applications: Marketing, manufacturing and consumer.

Awards: National Science Foundation Career Award, IBM Award

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Rob Radwin

Rob Radwin Read more
Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Living Environments Laboratory; Discovery Fellow

Expertise and Interests: Ergonomics aspects of manually operated equipment; understanding and improving the physical interaction with products, including usability, safety, fatigue and overuse; human factors design of medical instruments and physiological and biomechanical measurements of human performance; and quantifying physical deficits in human disabilities and aging.

Industry Applications: Manufacturing, healthcare, transportation and consumer.

Awards: Ragnar E. Onstad Service to Society Award, Fellow of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Who’s Who in American Education, Who’s Who in America, Fellow of the Biomedical Engineering Society, Engineering Alumni Society Merit Award in Biomedical Engineering, Fellow of the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.

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Akbar Sayeed

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Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Expertise and Interests: Wireless communication and sensing, particularly signal processing and communication aspects; sensor networks; signal processing algorithms (for processing of sensor data, e.g., for decision making); wireless security; and prototyping.

Industry Applications: Manufacturing sector (for machine monitoring/sensing) and transportation (connected vehicles, automotive radar).

Awards: IEEE Fellow, UW Grainger Electrical and Computer Engineering Junior Faculty Fellowship, Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award, National Science Foundation CAREER Award, Robert T. Chien Memorial Award.

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Anne Smith

Anne Smith Read more
Clinical Assistant Professor of Law;
Co-Director, Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic

Expertise and Interests: Corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and buisiness transactions.

Industry Applications: Health monitoring and delivery of care.

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Dan van de Weide

Dan Van der Weide Read more
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Expertise and Interests: RFID and passive sensing using chipless techniques, high-frequency antennae and circuits.

Industry Applications: Health monitoring and delivery of care.

Awards: Office of Naval Research Young Investigator, National Science Foundation PECASE Award, National Science Foundation CAREER Award.

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Raj Veeramani

Raj Veeramani Read more
Robert Ratner Chair Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineer; Professor, Operations and Information Management; Executive Director, UW IoT Systems Research Center, UW E‑Business Consortium and UW E-Business Institute

Expertise and Interests: Internet of Things (IoT), smart manufacturing and connected enterprise, supply chain management and optimization, RFID/AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) systems and applications, and e-business technologies and strategies.

Industry Applications: Manufacturing/industrial and consumer (home, retail and healthcare) applications.

Awards: Inaugural recipient of the American Society of Engineering Educations's Isadore T. Davis Award for Excellence in Collaboration of Engineering Education and Industry, Alpha Pi Mu Outstanding Undergraduate Industrial Engineering Professor Award, Society of Manufacturing Engineers' Ralph E. Cross Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, Society of Automotive Engineers' Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award, National Science Foundation Research Initiation Award.

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Dee Warmath

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Assistant Professor, Consumer Science; Principal Research Scientist

Expertise and Interests: Consumer insights and strategy, financial well-being and reaction instance.

Awards: Kathryn A. Zillman Scholarship, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Full Fellowship, Department of Sociology, Vanderbilt University.

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Nancy Wong

Nancy Wong Read more
Professor, Department of Consumer Science;
Faculty Director, Kohl's Center for Retailing Excellence

Expertise and Interests: Culture, materialism and emotion; cross-cultural research methods consumer decision-making and public policy in healthcare, personal finance and sustainability; and luxury marketing.

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Xinyu Zhang

Xinyu Zhang Read more
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Expertise and Interests: Wireless networking: Gbps wireless networking, millimeter‐wave networks, MIMO networking, coexistence between WiFi and sensor network devices, and visible light networking; and mobile computing: mm‐scale object sensing and localization using radio signals, new user‐computer interface through WiFi sensing and medical imaging using ubiquitous wireless devices.

Industry Applications: Healthcare and smart home.

Awards: IEEE INFOCOM’15 Distinguished TPC Member Award, Madison Teaching and Learning Excellence (MTLE) faculty fellowship, NSF CAREER Award, Hilldale Fellowship, ACM MobiCom Best Paper Award, Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Overseas Students.

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Shiyu Zhou

Shiyu Zhou Read more
Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Expertise and Interests: Statistical modeling, analysis and control for engineering, particularly manufacturing and processes.

Industry Applications: Manufacturing.

Awards: IIE Transaction Best Application Paper Award, NSF CAREER Award, College of Engineering Distinguished Graduate Student Award.

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