Internet of More Things Best IoT Blog Awards50 of the Best Internet of Things (IoT) Blogs and Websites Awards

Internet of More Things, January 1, 2017

The UW IoT Lab was featured in the Annual Internet of More Things Best IoT Blog Awards. The lab was ranked in the 50 best IoT blogs and websites online. More»

IoT MeetupThe 'Internet of Things' is Quietly Taking Root in Madison

The Capital Times, December 29, 2016

Dr. Raj Veeramani, the UW IoT Lab's Executive Director, is interviewed about the growing field and the university's Internet of Things Lab. More»

Filling the GapFilling the Talent Gap

ASME, December 2016

Will Caldwell, an IoT Lab student alumnus, shares his story on how he became involved with IoT and the impact working in the lab had on his future career. More»

Thomas Yen to speak at the WCET 28th Annual Meeting

WCET 28th Annual Meeting, October 12-14, 2016

Thomas Yen, the IoT Lab Technical Director and Instrumentation Innovator-Instructor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is presenting at the WCET 28th Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN between October 12-14, 2016. He will be speaking in the Closing Session on Innovation Hubs and Labs: Driving Change and Creativity. More»

Businesses spawned at UW-Madison take two of three pitch night awards

University of Wisconsin-Madison News, August 17, 2016

IoT alumni Neil Klingensmith and Pete Chulick have won an econmic impact award for their respective UW-Madison based businesses, Emonix and WeightUp. Emonix is a patent-applied-for system that reduces salt usage in water softeners and WeightUp helps monitor the motion of weightlifters to improve their methodology. More»

The Internet of Things is Here

Educause Review, June 27, 2016

The IoT as a broad concept that is expaning faster than ever before. Higher education communities such as ours can lead the development of the future technologies, buisness models, ethics and leaders of the IoT world. More»

13 startups advance to finals in Wisconsin Governor's Business Plan Contest

Wisconsin State Journal, May 31, 2016

Pete Chulick, an IoT Lab student alumnus, is interviewed about WeightUp Solutions, his start-up that advanced to the finals in the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest. More»

IoT Isn't Only for Engineers

IoTPORTFOLIO, May 30, 2016

Raj Veeramani, the founder of IoT, is interviewed about the history and importance of the IoT lab in multiple fields and it's rapid growth and success on the UW-Madison campus. More»

Internet of Things Lab fosters student innovation, adds industrial partners

University Communications, January 4, 2016

The University of Wisconsin highlights the potential of the partnership between The Internet of Things Lab and Wisconsin's leading manufacturers. More»

Meet the College Students Transforming Our World with Internet-of-Things Technology

Paste Magazine, May 12, 2015

Paste Magazine gives an inside look at a few of the students and their big ideas behind the IoT Lab. More»

A 'technology sandbox'

Isthmus, March 20, 2015

Isthmus' Adam Powell tracks the success and potential of the IoT Lab. More»

I am The Wisconsin Idea

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, March 11, 2015

In this editorial, UW Alum Jeff Roznowski reflects upon the role of the IoT Lab in his embodiment of "The Wisconsin Idea". More»

UW-Madison IoT Lab Honing its Role Amid Campus Entrepreneurship Push

Xconomy, February 23, 2015

In an interview with Sandra Bradley, Xconomy details the progress of the IoT lab, and the direction it hopes to take for its third semester. More»

VIDEO: Internet of Things 101: Inside The Latest Trend in Higher Education

Forbes Brand Voice, February 18, 2015 explores the UW-Madison IoT Lab as a pioneering program in technology and higher education. More»

Internet of Things Lab at forefront of innovation

The Badger Herald, January 20, 2015

The Badger Herald provides fellow student perspective on the IoT Lab. More»

IoT Lab Picture From the 'magic cabinet' to the mainstream

UW MadScience, January 5, 2015

UW Mad Science's Chris Barncard briefly highlights the broad variety of innovative consumer gadgets at the Fall 2014 IoT Lab Open House. More»

UW students use 'smart' technology in football helmets to detect injuries\

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, December 17, 2014

Milwaukee Sentinal Journal's Karen Herzog details the unique inventions at the Fall 2014 IoT Lab Open House. Herzog also gives readers an inside look at the set up of IoT Lab and the process and work that students and facilitators put in. More»

Internet of Things Lab open house showcases student innovation

UW Madison College of Engineering, December 12, 2014

In-depth coverage on the Fall 2014 Iot Lab open house, including winners. More»

VIDEO: Internet of Things Lab focuses on tech-savvy inventions

University of Wisconsin-Madison News, December 8, 2014

University News gives an exclusive preview of one of the Fall 2014 IoT Lab's 17 team projects, the Bike Recovery Network. More»

Tinkering fosters business success for Internet of Things Lab

University of Wisconsin-Madison News, May 21, 2014

University News demonstrates the impact on the health sector of IoT Lab's winner of Most Potential Impact, Medcuff, and the Most Innovative Technology winner, the Armband Gesture Controller. More»

The world of networked objects explored

University of Wisconsin-Madison News, April 28, 2014

Prior to the first IoT Lab Open House, University News explains what the IoT lab is and its potential for success. More»

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